Services offered


Feet care

Complete treatment (cut of nails and removal of the horn)

Small treatment (1 horn or 1 nail)

Treatment of diabetic wounds (ulcer)

Fungus nail

Ingrown toenail (temporary or permanent relief)


  • Canthacur
  • Bleomycin
  • Surgical excision


Ingrown Toenail (matricectomy)

Without pain and with little recurrence, this surgery only remove what’s necessary. It represents an esthetic treatment to an ingrown toenail problem.

Cyst Surgery

Plantar wart surgery



Biomechanical evaluation

Juvenile podiatry ( Children’s Feet)

Flat or hallow feet

In-toe or out-toe

Growing pains


All question or concerns

Podiatry Sportive

  • Biomechanical and/or posture disorder
  • Sharp and/or chronic Injury
  • Trauma
  • Orthotics adapted to your sport


Conceived to measure the plantar pressure, this tool allows to proceed to the analysis of your gait and to detect an imbalance of your posture. It is a complementary tool in the biomechanical evaluation made by your podiatrist. It helps to establish the link between the pathology and the biomechanics; it serves to explain the nature of the problem.

Orthotics (for regular and sports shoes

  • Orthotics functional or accommodative
  • Rigid sole
  • Semi-rigid sole
  • Supple sole
  • Service of a fast and on-the-spot modification of orthotics
  • Change the covering, refurbishment



Ultrasound of the foot

The ultrasound is used to obtain diagnoses images by the means of ultrasounds. This examination allows not only to visualize, but also to confirm the diagnosis of a plantar fasciitis, Morton neuroma, metatarsalgia, tendonitis and many others. This examination not evasive and short-term allows to rule quickly on your health and so to bring immediately the care necessary for your condition. It also allows a better precision during an injection. (Echo guided injection)

Echo guided injection

Guided by an ultrasound, you podiatrist can safely make the injection in the specific zone wished. The ultrasound is sometime recommended to determine if the injection is possible according the health of your foot.

Injection of cortisone

The cortisone is used for the excellent anti-flammatory properties which act directly on the pain. The injection of cortisone can thus be an excellent approach to reduce the symptoms of discomfort related to various problems such as heel pain, Morton neuroma and capsulite, and others.